Friday, May 28, 2010


Hey Guys!

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Monday, May 24, 2010


Its over! After six years of action and adventure, romance and comedy, tragedy and loss, it has come to an end.

And I have no idea what just happened.


Seriously, they end the show with Christian Shepherd just walking into a light and everyone hugging and being like "Lets Go!". Was it supposed to be like some sort of heaven?
I was glad that everyone got to see eachother though. Desmond was with Penny, Charlie with Claire (BTW, I always knew he would come back!), etc..... I wasn't to happy about the whole Shannon and Sayid thing going on. I mean, come on Sayid, how can you forget your love of your life, Nardia (no idea how to spell that) and Shannon seems like a player. But thats just me. I was sad she died so yeah....

Jack is my hero! He has had his ups and downs, but he came through. I thought it was neat that the first episode of LOST ever was of Jack opening his eye, and then the last episode was him closing it. I cried.

I hate that it is not coming back next year, it was always like the highlight of my week.

But, I will enjoy watching all seasons over the summer, crying and laughing, with my bestie!
(She hasn't seem them yet, and I'm really hoping she will watch them with me!)


Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hey Guys!

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A New Day

This is the last week. A new chapter in my life begins. A new journey takes place. Highschool.
Ok, I'll admit I'm being dramatic! But this Friday, is my last day of Middle School! I will never have to be a middle schooler again!
Praise God! I can't wait till highschool! Well I can wait, I'll have the whole summer to get ready for it. I'm going to an all girls private school. Its going to be really neat! I'm not so big on the all girls part, but other than that, the academics are amazing. (not to mention the extra circular activities - art, music, theater...*not sports!*) So, I'm syked. I'm having a graduation party - i think. My sister is hinting that she is throwing me a surprise one. So I keep hinting back things like "I love sleepovers!" or "Mariah, these cups would be awesome for a party!" and "Wouldn't this dish look great with some chips and dip in it?" and even "Balloons are the bomb. I LOVE balloons."
So we both know what we are tallking about we just aren't saying out loud. :D

Alright, I'll be seeing you!